Why Choose Us?

Not A 1-800 Number

We are your local provider for Dish, DishNet, DirecTV, and Exede with national prices. Just like with insurance if you sign up through a local agent you get local service. The price is still the same. If you sign up through a 1-800 number for Dish or DirecTV you don’t get local service. If you sign up through Patriot Satellite, you contact us directly without having to wait a week or more for a technician to help you. Most issues we can solve over the phone in a fraction of the time of an inexperienced person in a call center. Often we have people tell us they regretted signing up through a 1-800 number for Dish or DirecTV and wished we could help them instead of a call center out of town.

Satellite Experts for Over 10 Years

We have been offering satellite TV to customers of the greater Bangor and Ellsworth area since 2002. Patriot Satellite has more experience than most of the contractors you may see driving around in those nationally branded vans, so when you need us we are there for you.

Commercial Installations

If you own a business in the area and would like satellite TV for your customers to make them comfortable with the same news, sports and entertainment they enjoy in their home, we can help. Even a restaurant, hotel/motel or bed & amp; breakfast owner would find incredible savings to be had with satellite TV. Apartment owners are also encouraged to contact us to find out more about how satellite TV can meet their needs.

Free Site Evaluations

Want to speak to a real person face to face? We’d be more than happy to travel to where you live, sit down with you and answer any questions you may have. If you’re unsure whether or not you could receive a good satellite signal where you live because of trees or other obstructions, this would be a great service to take advantage of.

Serving the Greater Bangor Area

We are one of only a select few retailers in the Greater Bangor Area. So what does this mean? We have built a reputation based upon honesty, integrity, and excellent customer service. Just ask any customer of ours and we’re confident they will say the same. In fact, many of our sales for both Dish and DirecTV come from the referrals of our happy customers.

Our Installers Work For Us.

Frequently installers for Dish and DirecTV are subcontracted by out-of-town retailers, but our installers actually work for us. This means that if we don’t do it right, we fix it at no cost to you.

Offering Dish Network and DirecTV

Only a few retailers are able to offer both Dish and DirecTV. If you call either provider they will tell you they are the best. So what’s the truth? We carry both because we want to provide our customers an honest answer as to which is better. We can consult with you about which provider fits your needs better.

No Hidden Fees.

At Patriot Satellite we strive to disclose all details and fees for both Dish and DirecTV to our customers up front. This way you are never left with costly surprises at the time of installation or on your first bill.