About Patriot Satellite & Appliance


Patriot Satellite operates on a foundation of old-fashioned values originally established by its owner, and strives to build long-term relationship with its customers. The company takes a customer-focued approach to sales, providing customers with the information necessary to make an informed purchase decision that is appropriate for their needs. Quality customer service is always the ultimate goal.

“We don’t expect you to believe us just because we say so, but we encourage you to contact us and see for yourself. We’ll give you the honest answers you’re looking for without the high pressured sales approach. Unlike many other retailers who just simply sell to new customers and then forget about them, our goal is to keep you happy with our service for many, many years.” – – Joseph Delfin, Co-Owner

About Joseph Delfin:


Joseph Delfin is the manager and technician for everything satellite and TV related for Patriot Satellite & Appliance. Joseph has nearly grown-up in the industry, and installed his first satellite system in high school. For the past 14+ years, Joseph has gained experience and become quite knowledgeable in the field. He very much enjoys what he does in dealing with people and their TV and satellite technology.

While being an independent retailer for both Dish, DishNET, DirecTV and Exede, Joseph’s goal is to right-size each and every potential customer who inquires about satellite TV or satellite internet. With today‚Äôs advances in HD (High-Definition) and multi-room DVRs (Digital Video Recorders), many people need help deciding what is best for them and their family. Some customers are concerned about their budget and need to find the best value in TV entertainment or high-speed internet. Some customers may have questions that can be answered over the phone, while others may need Joseph to sit down with them to discuss their options – no matter the situation, Joseph is there to help.

About Anthony Delfin:

Anthony Delfin is the father of this father-son team! He has years of experience in large and small appliance repair. His attention to detail and customer satisfaction are what sets him apart. Anthony is proud to have founded a successful company in his community, serving the greater Bangor area. Call Anthony for all your appliance repair needs.